Weather Alerts for Eastern Beaufort Sea Coast

Issued by the National Weather Service

Special Weather Statement  SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT   Special Weather Statement

Areas Affected:
Central Beaufort Sea Coast - Western Arctic Plains - Central Arctic Plains - Central Brooks Range
Effective: Wed, 6/12 3:36pm Updated: Thu, 6/13 6:10am Urgency: Expected
Expires: Thu, 6/13 3:45pm Severity:  Moderate  Certainty: Observed

High water from snowmelt has made its way down rivers on the
Central North Slope, and minor flooding remains possible near the
coast. The high water is caused by warm temperatures and snow
melt in the Brooks Range. It is expected that water levels will
fall slowly through the weekend. Water levels will fall more
significantly next week as temperatures cool in the Brooks Range.

The Sagavanirktok River near Pump Station 3 crested on Saturday,
but remains high today. That high water is expected to reach the
coast today and to remain high for several days. Water will be
near bankfull, with minor flooding possible in low lying areas
near the coast over the next several days. Water is expected
to fall slowly through the weekend and then fall more next week.

The Colville River at Umiat crested Monday and remains high on
Wednesday but is falling slowly. That high water will reach the
coast today and remain high for several days. Minor flooding of
low lying areas along the Colville River downstream of Nuiqsut is
possible for the next several days.

On the Kuparuk River at the Bridge, water levels have receded and
are now a foot below the roads leading to the bridge. The Kuparuk
River level is expected to fall slowly through the weekend and
then fall more next week.

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